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        Add: No. 196 Geguan Road, Jiangbei New District, 210048 Nanjing, China
        Tel: +86 25 57046848
        Fax: +86 25 57046845
        E-mail: quitts_trans@126.com               quitts_trans@aliyun.com
        Website: www.coastline-animation.com


        With the development of translation operation, QUITTS Translation is expecting full-time or part-time translation talents cordially for a long time.
        1. Do well in one or more foreign languages (English major must pass TEM-8);
        2. Specialty background with at least bachelor’s degree and abundant working experience concerned;
        3. Above 3 years of full-time or part-time translation experience;
        4. Solid Chinese skills in both oral and written expression;
        5. Rather capable of computer and the Internet to fulfill translation and compilation successfully.

        Wide science & technology and culture knowledge;
        High interpretation certificates issued in provinces,
        cities and municipalities (medium interpretation certificate holders are available with rich interpretation experience). Specialty background with at least bachelor’s degree and abundant working experience concerned;
        Simultaneous interpreters must have the certificate issued by the national authority concerned or the qualification approved by foreign affairs department or personnel department of provinces,
        cities and municipalities, and site interpreters are available with years of working experience. Good at computer and the Internet;
        Fluent language expression competence.

        Note: if not, the translators or interpreters to pass some translation qualification exams in other countries (particularly for foreign translation talents).
        Full-time or Part-time Marketing Personnel:
        2-3 years of marketing experience, familiar with the development and expansion of market, acknowledge market trends home and oversees and good at computer and the Internet with good English.

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