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        Add: No. 196 Geguan Road, Jiangbei New District, 210048 Nanjing, China
        Tel: +86 25 57046848
        Fax: +86 25 57046845
        E-mail: info@quitts.com
        Website: www.coastline-animation.com

        Business Area

        Including: Industrial engineering, trade, business planning, technical specification, laws and regulations, business letters, cultures & arts, and personal data, etc.
        Translators: All translators in our company have working experience of more than three years. They have professional degrees in both translation and a specific area. They have mastered different languages and terminologies of various industries.
        Written Translation
        Industrial Project: large project bidding, product descriptions, installation manual, user's manual, bidding documents, industrial standards, and technical standards.
        Economy and Trade: sales manual, market survey, articles of association, contracts/agreements, memos, corporation introductions, product categories, news release, business letters, fax and telex, corporate plans, scientific research reports, financial analyses, audit reports, and business prospectus.
        Laws and Regulations: laws and regulations, industrial management stipulations, bulletins and notices, and corporate management stipulations.
        Culture and Arts: works and plays, movie & TV dialogues, and original edition translation.
        IT: application software, game software, learning software, and tool software.
        Website and Web Pages: (provide total solution for localization of website).
        Personal Document: resume, entrance application, job application, educational certificates, school reports, certification materials, notarial deed, visa applications, correspondences, invitations, trust deed, international certificates.
        Oral Interpretation
        Business negotiation, friendly exchange, various lectures, large/middle conferences, simultaneous interpretation, news release, and exhibitions and shows.
        Service Fields
        IT, medicine, mechanical, laws, chemical, telecom, oil, water conservancy, electronics, geology, agriculture, foods, costume, aviation, motor, metallurgy, transportation, energy, environmental protection, education, finance, building, Internet, biotechnology.

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